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Andy Marney is the driving force behind Estate West, bringing a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the real estate industry. With a career that has touched various sectors, Andy is known for his ability to reinvigorate, rejuvenate, and inject vibrancy into an industry often characterised by the "same old, same old."

Andy's journey began in the world of sales, a natural starting point for his career. However, he quickly realised that his true passion lay in the creative realm. Transitioning seamlessly into radio, Andy's voice resonated across Regional Australia and City Centres. As a Copy Writer and Voice Over Artist, he crafted thousands of advertisements, demonstrating his innate creativity. Not content to stop there, he assumed the role of General Manager in radio at the young age of 27, proving his leadership prowess.

Yet, it was in the fast-paced world of automotive sales where Andy honed his skills in negotiation, salesmanship, and the art of closing deals. This experience provided the foundation for his relentless pursuit of excellence in the real estate domain.

What sets Andy apart is his visionary outlook on the real estate landscape. He saw the winds of change blowing through the industry, marked by evolving technology and shifting attitudes of buyers, sellers, and investors. Recognising the need to evolve with the times, he founded Estate West to be at the forefront of this transformation. Under his leadership, the agency has become synonymous with innovation, a commitment to client success, and a determination to redefine the real estate experience.

When you choose Andy Marney and Estate West, you're not just getting a real estate professional; you're securing a dynamic edge that elevates your property listing to its rightful place among the elite. Andy's negotiation skills, coupled with his dedication to presenting your property above all others, ensure that you have a winning advocate by your side. Welcome to a new era in real estate, where Andy Marney's vision becomes your reality.

Client Testimonials

"Estate West is the gold standard in real estate. Their professionalism, market knowledge, and ability..."

Dusan S.

Client Testimonials

"Estate West exceeded my expectations. They not only found the perfect rental property for me but also..."

Linda K.

Client Testimonials

"Investing with Estate West was a smart choice. Their strategic approach and in-depth market analysis..."

Michael L.

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